End of the Semester

The end of the semester is a PAIN!!! I have three research papers to write in a week which is physically impossible, but it needs to be done. All the professors leave the final papers to the end of the semester, which makes sense since they are our final papers. But the problem is when you have three of them due on the same week. The bigger problem is you can’t fuck them up because each research paper is worth 30-40% of the overall grade of the class. So if you do in fact write a shitty paper you’re screwed and all the work that you’ve done throughout the semester would have gone to waste.

The research papers are assigned on the first day of classes, but the topics are usually aren’t chosen and approved until the mid or near the end of the semester. However no one actually starts working on their research paper except a couple of days before the due date and here comes the real problem. By the end of the semester everyone is overwhelmed with finals and projects that the papers start seeming like an actual pain, and even if you were excited about a certain topic by the time you start working on it you would’ve lost interest.

I’m supposed to be working on a paper about Piracy in Somalia, which you have no idea how excited I was about. I know some people might think I’m crazy for saying something like that but I really think it’s a very interesting topic that’s why I chose it to begin with. Now I’m tired, I haven’t slept that well and the idea that this paper is due tomorrow is killing me. I chose this topic about a month ago. Of course don’t ask me why I haven’t started on it until now because my response will be who does that, plus I should win the Nobel Prize for procrastination (believe me that’s how bad I am).

I wish I could tell the professors to assign research papers earlier on in the semester, so we wouldn’t have to work on that many research papers at the same time and they all end   sucking. Or telling the university administration to give us the last week of the semester off so we would have time to work on our final papers and study for out exams. But unfortunately neither of those options is possible. I am completely FUCKED!

Wish me Luck 🙂

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