Winds shattering windows

Winds shattering walls

Winds bringing down buildings that once stood tall

Winds of wrath which show no mercy

Winds of smog that destroy the healthy

Winds of dust that eliminate and never stall

Winds to be feared by those without shelter

Winds for young waves in need of a helper

Winds of mighty winters that were once breezing falls


(Tuesday 27th December – Saturday 31st December)


As the year comes to an end, so will the Miniature Writing Challenge, which is why I have chosen Endings as this week’s theme. Think of farewells, graduations, break-ups, last days, last jobs, final papers or final chapters when you are writing this week’s poem or short story. How you interpret the theme is up to you, and so is the length of the post.

I hope you’ve enjoyed participating in this challenge, and remember that every ending bring about a new beginning. Happy New Year!

No Rules this Week =)