Depression, Anxiety and the Creative Writer

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Creative writers often jokingly refer to the strangeness of the writing experience in terms of a mental illness. Multiple personalities (Characters that talk back? Say, whaaat?), obsessive behavior, the “tortured artist” stereotype, all the feels, etc.

But there’s a darker underbelly beneath all the joking.

The sensitive, artistic personality types who tend to express their deep thoughts and feelings through writing often trend toward depression and anxiety. 

This is by no means true of all writers and artists (thankfully!), and the scientific community is divided on whether a link actually exists. However, I’ve certainly seen anecdotal evidence of many creative writers struggling, not to mention dealing with anxiety and depression myself.

Creative writers look at the world a different way. They feel things others don’t feel, and often feel them much more deeply than the rest of the population. Writers (especially of the speculative genres) often feel torn between two…

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Navigating the Egyptian Job Market

I recently quit my job in pursuit of a different career path. We are taught in “Job-Hunting 101” that you should never quit your job unless you’ve secured another position or opportunity in its place, and I followed these instructions with particular care. As I’ve just mentioned in my topic sentence, I quit to purse a different path: education. The plan was that I begin a graduate program at the start of the new academic year (September), however this plan crumbled due to forces that were beyond my control. As a result I had to withdraw my acceptance and start looking for a new job. But in a country like Egypt this is one of the worst sentences you ever want to hear, let alone utter.

Ask any fresh graduate or unemployed 20-somthing year old and they will recite their tales of woes about the treacherous job market, especially if that poor soul holds a degree in the arts, the humanities, social sciences like me.  While youth unemployment has become a global epidemic, the situation in Egypt grows bleaker ever year. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any jobs in a city (Greater Cairo where I live) of over twenty million residents, the problem is vastly more complex.

Looking for a White Collar Job in Cairo:

Most Required Majors (seriously most by far): Business, Marketing, Mass Communication, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Computer Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering. [Job-specific majors, like medicine, are not included]


The majority of jobs in Cairo are corporate jobs. While I have nothing against corporations, not every single graduate wants to work in business.

Location & Transportation: to say that transportation in Cairo is an inconvenience is like saying that childbirth is a mild discomfort. Whether you have a car or commute using public transport, you will find the experience irritating at best and entirely intolerable at five. Between the traffic, the increase in oil prices, the lack of parking (it has been a running gag for years) and the sheer size of Cairo (including the suburbs), transportation is a real obstacle when looking for employment. While some are willing to sacrifice time, effort and money because they are desperate for a job, many can not.

Take it from someone who spent twenty years in long commutes: 2-4 hrs each day  depending on traffic, and on very rare occasions it took even longer.

Salary (the monster in the room): Low salaries or salaries that cannot cover one’s expenses are the norm across the country, particularly when you’re just starting. Employers assume that because unemployment is rampant that people would accept any salary however low, and most people do. But some employers take this to an extreme, including those who don’t provide employees with formal contracts, others who think that employees shouldn’t be compensated for over-time or for running company-related errands, and so on and so forth. This kind of mistreatment has a detrimental effect on the employees psychological well-being and the quality of the work he/she produces (very common problem).

Lack of Variety (finding the right job): like I’ve mentioned above, it’s all about corporate jobs. Why? Because they’re the most stable, with the most reasonable salary-schemes. And when you live in a country with an unstable economy, you need a stable income. But if you’re not interested in a corporate job, well then you’ll face a serious struggle.

Now that I’ve provided my own amateur assessment of the Egyptian job-market, based on personal experiences, please let me know if you have any career-related opinions in the comments below. And while this article is country-specific, some of these issues are universal, so don’t shy away from commenting just because you live in another country or region. 🙂


Today I was thinking about the difference between being liberal and being liberated. Intense concepts to tackle this early in the morning, but seriously I had nothing better to do so my mind simply wandered off. Thus, I came to the following conclusion: liberalism is a belief system, a philosophy and a political view. Liberated, on the other hand, is a life style. Aren’t they in a way synonymous, you might ask? My answer is no.

A liberal view of life refers to what you believe in in terms of norms and values; the anti-conservative. That doesn’t necessarily mean you strictly abide by said rules and values in your everyday life. After all, fear can be a particularly strong emotion, and conformity a desirable uncomplicated goal. Liberation, however, is for the strong of heart and will, the fearless and the visionary. For one to become liberated he/she has to have the courage to say fuck you.

Fuck you to personal fears, fuck you to political oppression and fuck you to societal expectations. By stripping away all that is not yours; all that which you don’t believe in, and therefore deem unnecessary, only then will you become liberated.

“Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.”  – Wayne Dyer

It seems simple enough to claim not to give a damn about all which was stated above. However the reality is, in fact, not simple at all. Because in order to unshackle yourself from the oppressive forces which are dictating your life, you have to have a goal of what you will do once they are gone and how. Otherwise, you will find that you are enslaved by an even stronger force: uncertainty.

To those who wish to be liberated I say; do that which scares you until it scares you no more. Draw the path you wish to lead, and follow it no matter the consequences. And know that this life will only come once, so make the most of it because for some it is much shorter than for others.

Human Kindness

There will always be goodness in the world if you start by doing it yourself…

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

Why is there hate in the world, what motivates someone to harm another human being. What motivates a person to show Hatred towards their fellow man, I guess it’s a differance of opinion. Is it? I mean let’s make it simple, what has it got to do with me what, or who someone decides to worship. What has it got to do with me if someone decides to live in a certain way.? How does it affect me? It’s doesn’t does it? What matters is what we do for others, how we are with other people. Isn’t it better to concentrate on us and make sure we are doing things that we believe in as opposed to worrying about what others are doing. Isn’t life about example. About making the first move ourselves as opposed to wanting life to change, and others to change.

I personally love to think that…

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Concentration Catastrophe

 I have suffered from a short concentration span my entire life. I am unable to focus for prolonged periods of time and my mind goes foggy on a regular basis, particularly when I’m talked to directly. The situation is aggravated when I’m stressed or under pressure, because it leads to physical symptoms. I am currently experiencing these physical symptoms; i.e. I have a migraine.

 It is highly unpleasant when you’re trying to work, even worse when you are required to work, but are incapable of performing your tasks because your mind is shutting down. It becomes exceedingly frustration when the more you try to concentrate the more difficult it is to succeed. As the pain descends from my brain to my eyes, my eyelids start drooping and I slowly loose the battle against my mind. While one might blame such a situation on sleep deprivation, the truth has more to do with lack of concentration. 

Even though distractions contribute negatively to my situation, they are sometimes required to ease it. Remaining seated for a long time is usually exhausting, for it forces me to focus on a single task. A notion I find tedious if not excruciating. There are very few occasions where I can stay seated and remain attentive, unfortunately these occasions almost never take place at work/school. As a result I wander around with less than half of a focused mind, while the rest strolls in daydream-land. 

Finding Yourself

“I can’t find myself”. “I don’t know what I want to be”. Clichés. Sentences said by many young people after they graduate from school and college. But the reason why they’re clichés is because they’re true. Some people know, they just know, what they’re supposed to be. They don’t let anyone or anything stand in their way. While others struggle to find their place in the world, literally and figuratively, they wander aimlessly through life. Some of these wanderers may have an ultimate goal, but are taking a longer time to reach it. Others have no goals and no ideas of their true purpose in life. I pity those people.

I thankfully have a broad idea of where I would like my life to end-up. But taking that road is the truly difficult part. I don’t want a traditional life. I don’t dream of sitting on a desk for eight hours punching in numbers and getting a paycheck in the end of the month. That would kill me. I hope for some adventure. I would like to explore the world. And write.

I was asked once whether or not I would want a career. That depends on how you define the word career. If you are referring to a climb on the corporate ladder, which would inflate my bank account and suck years out of my life, then no. But if you are talking about growing in a specific field and succeeding in it, whatever it may be and however much it may pay, then yes. I would like some resemblance of a career. Most importantly though, I want a life!

Time Heals All Wounds

Time heals all wounds. I don’t entirely agree with that statement. The way I see it, time merely acts as a numbing agent. It only helps people temporarily forget or more accurately get distracted so their pains just linger in the back of their minds rather than take over their lives. Healing a wound requires completely cleaning and closing it; resolving the issue or getting closure. Time doesn’t give you that; it just clouds the issue in the hopes that one day it might be forgotten.

Time is a tricky concept. For as time passes it becomes a pain in itself. I won’t generalize and say that is the case with everyone, but it is in some. As days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months and months turn into years, you find that time is not your friend. Because when you are caught up in the trivialities of life, time just races by not giving you a chance to stop and think. However stopping means you would have to look back and assess the past. This past might be filled with regrets, heartaches or tragedies of any kind or worse it might be empty.

The thing is time will never set the past straight. And the more time that passes the more complicated a situation can become. The real problem is that you can’t turn back time. History may repeat itself, but the past will always remain in the past. Once a moment has passed its gone forever, the question is how will you let it pass? Will you seize the moment or just waste it away?