End of the Semester Syndrome

Completely broke down this morning. That of course is because anxiety, frustration, lack of sleep and barely any food in my system is never a good combination. I was supposed to wake at around 3 or 4 this morning to work on my Law paper but obviously that didn’t happen, since I was awake for 20 hrs yesterday and went to bed at midnight. Staying awake for long periods of time and having little sleep aren’t issues for me, but after a while your mind kind of stops functioning properly, which makes sense.

I woke up this morning in a crappy mood. I had a fit over the silliest things, which I took out on my closet. I started panicking and cursing for a while and then I relax when I got some sugar in my body on the bus. Sugar is my vice; I unfortunately need it to function, which I know isn’t entirely healthy especially since my sugar in take, today, came from a lollipop. As soon as I arrived at the university I had a cup of cappuccino, one more thing I can’t survive without especially when I’m incapable of keeping my eyes open. And now I have an accelerated heart rate and my entire body is shaking, because all I have in my body is caffeine and sugar. At least I’m alert and studying, right? I should really eat something, because I have a presentation in an hour and I don’t think I should be shaking while I’m presenting.

End of the semester syndrome you learn to love it! Or at least get use to it. 🙂

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