Leaving Home


Wishing to leave home

To venture out on my own

Fearlessly wander

Confining duties

Restricting regulations

Keep me in my place

A reality

True, but too bitter to face

My home is not home

The world still beckons

I can hear its siren call

I will soon answer

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

A Race against the Clock


An endless race we will never win

As the hands of the clock spin and spin

Ever so cunning this game we play

Makes us wonder if we’ve lived a day

A deadly curse dooming all mankind

This funny concept: the elapsing of time

In a grinding life we all believe

Because our goal is to constantly achieve

 Breath, some say to those who run

Take a moment to have some fun

We’re already late, the runners say

If we stop and wait it’ll all be taken away

A modern world revolving around success

Forbidding all to settle for less

“It’s your duty to society and to yourself”

But by the time you get there, you’ll have nothing left


Fictional Worlds


In fictional worlds

Molded, morphed, deceptive

The mind wanders free

Without restrictions

Unbound by reality

These worlds come to life

In the mind one can live

Away but within the real truth

Such is its wonder