The Flame of Youth


A youthful flame once burning bright

Is now too weak for this draining fight

As gusts of wind impede its growth

It vows to break its solemn oath

Afraid of burning out for good

It screams louder than it probably should

The screams and cries are muted each day

Silencing the flame in every way

Wishing for water to sooth its sores

The mighty flame becomes no more

 Miniature Writing Challenge #48

Lily on the Lake


Ripples are forming
On the surface of the lake
Lily is floating

Flowing stream carries
Delicacy and beauty
How mesmerizing

Lily travels far
And reaches the other bank
A simple journey


Intro to Poetry – Day 1 (Water)


The Foreign Island

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt “Mad Libs”


Out of place in a home that is my own

Out of touch in a world where I should belong

Out of breath from running after a mirage

Out in a little island, foreign to all but me

Minuscule yet has an abundance of joy

Petite yet visible in an ocean of sorrow

Tiny yet full of will and courage

Small yet dripping with unharnessed potential

 Its little heart beats loudly

Its blood runs deep

It aches from constant cruelty

 But its soul it is destined to keep

A foreign island all alone

A little island standing tall

An unnoticeable island  to those who can’t know

A peaceful island with dangerous waters below

Miniature Writing Challenge #31

Winter Witch


Wicked witch

Wearing white

Waiting for a while

Warm winter

Welcoming watchers

Whispering near the water

Witch wishes watchers

While freezing water

Wondrous wonderland of ice

White ground

White water

White smiling witch

Watchers become skaters

When water turns to ice

Winter witch walks away in glee



Miniature Writing Challenge #4

(Tuesday 18th August –  Tuesday 25th August)

Writing Challenge (Water)

This week’s theme is Water. Whether’s drinking water, salt water, lakes, rivers, seas or oceans, we are surrounded by water wherever we are. Even if you are in the middle of the desert, your body has water stored inside it. So needless to say, water is essential to our lives and the lives of all living beings. Use this theme to produce a short story, poem or haiku.

This challenge was supposed to be posted yesterday, sorry for the delay.