Lurking Demon


The mighty demon

Lurks silently in the dark

In mysterious wait

The victim suspects?

No. Demon sneaks through the cracks

Envelopes the soul

The victim crumbles

Unaware of deadly force

A demon was here

Mysterious Tale


On this very first day of the year

Let us hold on to all that’s dear

As you forget that which ails

I will tell you a gripping tale

One of mystery and constant thrills

As it progresses it will give you chills

A story of crime so intense

Blink for a moment and it will make no sense

Who is the culprit and who is the victim?

Are they the same or can you distinguish them?

So is our tale of passion and fury

One was wronged and the other wasn’t sorry


Haunted by a distant past

A vicious relentless evil

A daunting curse once cast

Spewing venom and causing peril

In fertile ground the curse grows

Feeding on its unsuspecting host

Spreading its poisonous vines as far as can go

Until it strangles its victim and they are no more

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