The Valorous Warrior

There was once a time when men spoke of justice, however this is not that time. This is a time of perpetual war, a time for the wolves to feed and lions to breed. And so our story shall begin with one fierce leader and one lonely lad.

large-9848.jpgAs the cavalry marched, a ravaging warrior lead them forth. They sang and cheered; the moral was high except for one who only prayed not to die. He stared in awe at her frightful valor, and stood from afar in a bewildered manner. Closer and closer they approached the gates, like determined hunters they would wait. The night was long, but their cause was strong. With first light, they began their fight. Clanging swords, bloody grounds, fallen men, again and again, but in the end the fight was won. A just defeat, if there was ever one.  She stood victorious beyond the gates, then turned to the palace to deliver their fates.

Miniature Writing Challenge #28