Unexplainable Lightness



A mind-altering lightness

Leaving one afloat

Consuming feeling

Which awakens the senses

Love, the only truth

Quite irrational

When caught in its endless web

Willing surrender

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge


Settling a debt I didn’t owe

Settling for a seed that cannot grow

Settling to avoid a truth I know

Harsh is the light shining bright

Harsh is the darkness you have to fight

Harsh is the truth I already know

Poison seeping through my veins

Poison, invisible without a name

Poison is the truth I painfully know

Settling is to choose and not to choose

Settling is the fear that made you lose

Settling is the truth I’ve always known

Fictional Worlds


In fictional worlds

Molded, morphed, deceptive

The mind wanders free

Without restrictions

Unbound by reality

These worlds come to life

In the mind one can live

Away but within the real truth

Such is its wonder


Between every word ever said

A thousand more, heard but not uttered


In the silence lies the truth

That which is often concealed

The one that only the quiet can reveal


A motion, a glance, a smile

Rarely hides what words deny

Through the cracks of every phrase

Run the meanings that no one says


With facts always known

And acts protected, never shown

While relying heavily on senses

Rather than explanations that might create messes


An understanding that cannot be described

Awaits in peacefulness, where noise does not reside

Words unsaid are the most powerful of all

The silence holds stories told and never told