The Calm After the Storm

After the violent winds
After the stong rains
After the lighting and the thunder
Comes the calm after the storm

When the clouds open up
When the sun shines
When the rain stops and the winds are softer
Is the calm after the storm

But the damage is done
But the trees have been uprooted
But the houses are ruined
What’s the use of the calm after the storm

Because it is peaceful
Because it is serene
Because it is clear
Because it is the calm that can only come after a storm

Winter is Coming

Excuse me for using a quote from Game of Thrones; even though this entry has nothing to do with it, however the quote seemed appropriate. I’ve always been a person who hates the cold. I couldn’t wait until winter was over to shed the heavy layers of clothing in the spring and enjoy the bright warm sun of summer. I even wrote a blog entry expressing my great dislike of the winter season (  But this year for the first time in my life I’m wishing for winter (hope I don’t regret that statement later on).

Reasons why:

  • December is starting tomorrow, and for those of you living in Cairo you’ll notice that the temperature is still as high as 30°C during the day. That’s just irrational; it’s starting snowing in some countries and we’re still wearing t-shirts! (This comment does not apply to countries in the southern hemisphere or around the equator).
  • 9-10 months of summer is more than anyone can bear, no matter how much you like warm weather.
  • I’m dying to wear my new winter clothes (superficial I know).
  • It’s time for the clouds to take their place in front of the blazing sun, and for the cool winds to blow the leaves off the trees.
  • The distinctive line which existed between the seasons of the year has disappeared. Something that has become upsetting and unsettling for me.


Bear in mind two things: first, I’ve never actually seen snow in my life; second, I’m talking about an Egyptian winter not a real one. 🙂