Grey Sheet

A grey translucent sheet is cast in front of my eyes
Distorting my view and signaling my demise
I see the world often so bleak
A crippling feeling that hinders my ability to speak

Past regrets and pains swimming in my mind
Rendering me virtually blind
Absent I am from the events of the present
But I try and often fail to seem almost pleasant

Regretable choices not truly chosen
By a heart once beating and now sits frozen
Trying to please eveyone but myself
I commit to decisions made by eveyone else

Fears take charge of a boggled mind
Detaching it from reality and forcing it to hide
Creating a world so it can try to survive
The tortured self has not yet been revived

To The…

To the past, may it forever rest

To the future, may we hope for the best

To the love, may it fill our hearts

To the envy, may it not tear us apart

To the passions, may they intensely live

To the pains, may we learn to forgive

To the courage, may it drive us forward

To the fear, may it remain just a word

To the trust, may it never fault us

To the regret, may it leave us thus

To the friends, may they always stay near

To the prospects, may they improve each year

Aching Heart

Unexpected blow
Heart aches deep within the chest
Sudden pain seeps through

From a past mistake 
An injury bleeds and bleeds
The chocking pain lives

A crippling fear
Causes error in judgement
Thus the heart suffers

A stabbing regret 
Inflicting such misery
Hurting all alone

A faltering trust 
In such a weakening self
This horror unleashed 

B's Poetry Challenge #27



(Wednesday 2nd August – Tuesday 8th August)



  1. Each week I will post one word that will serve as an inspiration for a poem.
  2. This poem can be of any form and any length.
  3. You can choose to use the actual word in your poem or a synonym or simply convey its meaning, that’s up to you.
  4. Copy URL of your post to the comment section OR Pin Back (preferably).
  5. You can also contribute a word to the challenge, and I will link it to your blog the following week.

Time Heals All Wounds

Time heals all wounds. I don’t entirely agree with that statement. The way I see it, time merely acts as a numbing agent. It only helps people temporarily forget or more accurately get distracted so their pains just linger in the back of their minds rather than take over their lives. Healing a wound requires completely cleaning and closing it; resolving the issue or getting closure. Time doesn’t give you that; it just clouds the issue in the hopes that one day it might be forgotten.

Time is a tricky concept. For as time passes it becomes a pain in itself. I won’t generalize and say that is the case with everyone, but it is in some. As days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months and months turn into years, you find that time is not your friend. Because when you are caught up in the trivialities of life, time just races by not giving you a chance to stop and think. However stopping means you would have to look back and assess the past. This past might be filled with regrets, heartaches or tragedies of any kind or worse it might be empty.

The thing is time will never set the past straight. And the more time that passes the more complicated a situation can become. The real problem is that you can’t turn back time. History may repeat itself, but the past will always remain in the past. Once a moment has passed its gone forever, the question is how will you let it pass? Will you seize the moment or just waste it away?


Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and change something? If you could change this one day or one incident, maybe not even drastically, your life would never be the same. Maybe you wanted to say goodbye to a person you lost, or reverse a mistake you knew you shouldn’t have made or cease an opportunity that you allowed to pass by.

I have had many chances in my life, and I’ll probably have many more. However I don’t always make use of those chances, I let them pass me by either out of fear, indifference at the time, or not seeing what is right in front of my eyes. Lately there have been a few of moments in my life I’ve been recalling and hoping for a different outcome. But obviously that can never happen; because once a moment has passed its passed forever.

For the past couple of days I’ve been replaying one particular memory over and over again. As if I’m trying both to hold on to it as well as change it. As if I’m forcing my mind to distort the memory, so it would appear the way I want it to appear. I’ve been holding on to one moment of spontaneity that made me feel so alive. I’m trying to recreate that feeling as well as alter the memory slightly. I didn’t take full advantage of a situation, on purpose and for a good reason, however every time I look back at it all I see is what I didn’t do. It irritates me that I’m obsessed by it and it irritates me even more that I didn’t seize that moment.

As I’m writing this, I can see the scene before my eyes. It’s taunting me, because I won’t be able to feel that way right now or anytime soon. So I keep replaying what I want to see and stopping before the part I regret. Don’t ask me what is that moment, how it made me feel or why is it significant. All these questions are irrelevant.  But I would like you to think of this, if there is one moment in your life you would like to relive which would it be? And have you ever felt the need to replay a certain memory in order to try and reconsider it?