Let’s Hope

Let’s hope for peace across the land

Let’s hope the monsters would never band

Let’s hope their fury we avoid

Let’s hope our hopes don’t become void

Let’s hope for calm water, when we sail

Let’s hope our loved ones would not bail

Let’s hope for forgiveness in every corner

Let’s hope for love beyond our borders

The Fallen Flag

Defeated at last

A fallen dishonored flag

Natives take the land

Foreign rulers leave

While dragging their flag in shame

Their ships take them home

Allies are honored

As civilizations merge

Different is one

Peace erased the past

Foreign and native combined

They create a whole

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

A World of Nonsense

A world of peace

A world of war

A world that once was

And is forever no more


This world we live in

Which makes absolutely no sense

Where we will never belong

For its illogical dangers are immense