To The…

To the past, may it forever rest

To the future, may we hope for the best

To the love, may it fill our hearts

To the envy, may it not tear us apart

To the passions, may they intensely live

To the pains, may we learn to forgive

To the courage, may it drive us forward

To the fear, may it remain just a word

To the trust, may it never fault us

To the regret, may it leave us thus

To the friends, may they always stay near

To the prospects, may they improve each year

A World of Nonsense

A world of peace

A world of war

A world that once was

And is forever no more


This world we live in

Which makes absolutely no sense

Where we will never belong

For its illogical dangers are immense

Fictional Worlds


In fictional worlds

Molded, morphed, deceptive

The mind wanders free

Without restrictions

Unbound by reality

These worlds come to life

In the mind one can live

Away but within the real truth

Such is its wonder