I stopped wanting to feel what I’ve once felt in the past

The gurgling in my loins has calmed at last

A steady stream now runs in its place

But a series of rocks continue to impede its pace


Hardening walls are building within

Tightening the space where the birds could sing

They flap their wings with intense fury

And peck on the walls, bleeding before a passive jury


Viscous fluids reach their solid form with age

Growing rougher and drier at that stage

A softness in the past they did pocess

A harshness in the present controls the mess




The Flame of Youth


A youthful flame once burning bright

Is now too weak for this draining fight

As gusts of wind impede its growth

It vows to break its solemn oath

Afraid of burning out for good

It screams louder than it probably should

The screams and cries are muted each day

Silencing the flame in every way

Wishing for water to sooth its sores

The mighty flame becomes no more

 Miniature Writing Challenge #48