The Most Valuable Commodity


Tick tock goes the clock
Indicating the passing of time
Fearful or hopeful?
The highest value
No good can even compare
Can never be sold
Useless to the dead
But daunting to those who live
Threaded memories
Joy can spend it well
Sadness wastes it every day
Infinite it isn't

Miniature Writing Challenge #54

Miniature Writing Challenge #52

(Tuesday 19th July – Monday 25th July)


There is no doubt about the fact that Paper controls people’s lives in this day and age, whether it’s an official document or an official bank note. Interpret this theme in this week’s poem or short story.

Examples of life-determining papers: birth & death certificates, passports, degrees, contracts, legal documents of any kind, money/cheques…etc.

Challenge Rules 


FearFear is a warning 

A signal to stop and think

Reassess your life

A strong stabbing pain

Ordering intervention

Growing over time


A paralysing feeling

Hiding true meaning

Trusting your instinct

Will kill the horror within

Prisoner released

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge