Let’s Hope

Let’s hope for peace across the land

Let’s hope the monsters would never band

Let’s hope their fury we avoid

Let’s hope our hopes don’t become void

Let’s hope for calm water, when we sail

Let’s hope our loved ones would not bail

Let’s hope for forgiveness in every corner

Let’s hope for love beyond our borders


I stopped wanting to feel what I’ve once felt in the past

The gurgling in my loins has calmed at last

A steady stream now runs in its place

But a series of rocks continue to impede its pace


Hardening walls are building within

Tightening the space where the birds could sing

They flap their wings with intense fury

And peck on the walls, bleeding before a passive jury


Viscous fluids reach their solid form with age

Growing rougher and drier at that stage

A softness in the past they did pocess

A harshness in the present controls the mess




Mysterious Tale


On this very first day of the year

Let us hold on to all that’s dear

As you forget that which ails

I will tell you a gripping tale

One of mystery and constant thrills

As it progresses it will give you chills

A story of crime so intense

Blink for a moment and it will make no sense

Who is the culprit and who is the victim?

Are they the same or can you distinguish them?

So is our tale of passion and fury

One was wronged and the other wasn’t sorry