Quality Control

The quality of most Egyptian produced products is below average at best. Locally made products are almost always at lower quality than imported goods, and a lot of the time for almost the exact same price. The country has a surplus of labor, which are either unqualified or unwilling to work. That negatively affects the quality of the products that are produced in Egypt. In a post-revolutionary era; people are striving for democracy and a better political system, which is their right. However without production and the restructuring of the entire economy, the country cannot develop.

Production of manufactured goods, rather than raw materials, is crucial for the development of any country. But the quality of those goods is also a very important factor. Producing a quality product is what differentiates a good manufacturer from a bad one. But the overall quality of manufactured goods in the entire nation is poor, and the price of the good is in no way proportional to the quality of that exact same product; then the country cannot and will not develop.

A lot of Egyptians don’t trust the quality of Egyptian products. Egyptian workers unfortunately lack the skills to manufacture complex products, but what is saddening is that they are unwilling to properly produce simple products.  Therefore the only hope to develop the Egyptian industry is to not only train the workers, but hire qualified laborers that are willing to produce a quality product.