Born in the Shadows


She walked among the shadows

And disappeared in the crowd

Afraid of the mighty gallows

Worried her screams would be too loud

The worst sinner on this Earth

Destined to be a  warrior

But condemned at birth

For being the bearer and the carrier

A formidable creature

Is found watching from afar

Has the most admirable feature

She is wounded but never scarred

Culture of Fear

Instilled in us at a young age
To tremble with fear at every stage
Without it you would be lost to the wind
Like a bird that hasn’t learned to sing

Fear will protect you from your doom
Hold on to it, or you’ll vanish soon
An armor meant for the weak of heart
Is given to us from the start

Not by choice, is what they say
Wear it true or else you’ll pay
To the skies above you always pray
For an alternative in any way

Born free is every creature on this earth
To roam and wander in endless mirth
But the iron weighs us to the ground
Forced to constantly hammer and pound

They who crave to seize control
They who believe they can eat us whole
They who don’t look to the skies above
Because they don’t  believe in enough


This FICTIONAL Terrorist Manifesto was the result of seven hours of labor at Starbucks by four girls. It was a project for a course on the history of terrorism in Europe. Each group was required to create their own terrorist organization and develop a manifesto that expresses their philosophy. The aim of the project was to help students understand the mindset of fanatic groups. It was the most fun I’d ever had working on a college project, regardless of how deranged that may sound. 🙂