Unpredictable Journey


As unsteady as a rocky path

As challenging as Hercules’s tasks

As narrow as the widest lane

As bumpy as an unhinged train

Life’s journey continues on

As thrilling as a roller-coaster ride

As changing as the ocean tides

As ferocious as a hunting tiger

As  deadly as a venomous viper

This journey into the unknown

As rewarding as helping the blind

As delicious as apple pie

As fluctuating as mood

As soothing as solitude

A journey of constant discovery


Intro to Poetry – Day 4 (Journey)


Lurking Demon


The mighty demon

Lurks silently in the dark

In mysterious wait

The victim suspects?

No. Demon sneaks through the cracks

Envelopes the soul

The victim crumbles

Unaware of deadly force

A demon was here