A Year Has Gone By…

This is the one year anniversary of my blog. I’m both proud and disappointed of how it’s turning out; mostly proud though. I’m proud because for the first time I have been committed to a blog and I am allowing it to grow, however the only reason I’m disappointed is because there were times when I would spend weeks on end not writing a single entry. To be completely honest, I was about to not write this entry. Also because over 90% of the comments, are actually spam which really pisses me off. So to whoever is reading this feel free to leave a comment.

Anyway, on this day a year ago I wrote my first entry in this blog, it explained the theme of the blog and the inspiration behind having a theme for my blog. I won’t go into details; you may scroll back to my first entry if you’re curious.  As the year progressed, however, the blog’s focus started to shift. I started writing more about my life and my views, as well as complaining obviously. But I also started posting my own creative pieces, which allowed me to experiment more with my writing; something I am particularly proud of. That is in addition to my experiments with other forms of art, i.e. photography.  I didn’t abandon my theme at all though, which I think is one of the reasons why this blog, unlike others before it is succeeding, in my opinion at least. It has also gotten me interested in checking out other people’s blogs more often.

This year had its ups and its downs like all others, but unlike all other there were a few once in a lifetime events that took place. 1st: I am no longer a teen. 2nd: the first anniversary of the 2011 Egyptian revolution (both events happened on the same day). 3rd: first ever democratic elections took place in the country. 4th: I voted. 5th: first democratically elected was announced. 6th: the president is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  These monumental events, I happy to say, were all documented in this blog. Overall this has been a very successful experience, which I’m planning on moving forward in. Hopefully it will help me grow even more as a writer and a person. And I hope you’re all enjoying it so far. 🙂