Chocolate Paradise


Covering biscuits
Covering fruits
Covering none
It still suits

Heavenly delicacy
Decorated elegantly
Beautifully done
Melting gently

Cascading fountain
Molten mountain
Morning bun
Exquisitely rounded

Edible sensation
Godly creation
Eliciting fun
Through the smallest ration


Intro to Poetry – Day 7 (Flavor)


In Shades of Brown




Chocolate skin melting the hearts of men

Mocha mistress struts with a seductive grin

Sipping coffee every morning, but at night enjoys her gin

Hazel eyes peering into a luring den


Copper clasps twinkling in the early light

Brunette beauty leaves in expert stealth

Mahogany doors close, shutting in useless wealth

While cunning caramel queen wanders in plain sight


Miniature Writing Challenge #36