I stopped wanting to feel what I’ve once felt in the past

The gurgling in my loins has calmed at last

A steady stream now runs in its place

But a series of rocks continue to impede its pace


Hardening walls are building within

Tightening the space where the birds could sing

They flap their wings with intense fury

And peck on the walls, bleeding before a passive jury


Viscous fluids reach their solid form with age

Growing rougher and drier at that stage

A softness in the past they did pocess

A harshness in the present controls the mess





A few months ago I chose to quit my job for a better opportunity. Unfortunately, that opportunity didn’t work out and I ended up being unemployed instead. For months I regretted my decision, convincing myself that I shouldn’t have taken the risk, that I was fine where I was.

My choice was based on a foundation of stress, so maybe if I had pushed through it the result would have been different. But the truth is you can’t undo life-altering choices, because they are what make your life. The small daily unconscious choices, along with the monumental decisions, they make up the days we spend on this Earth. Sounds obvious doesn’t it. Yet quite often we forget the reasons behind our choices, because we’re blind to the effects they will have on our future.

Back to my example. At first I perceived my unemployment as a failure, but now I realize that it has been a true blessing. During this free time, unburdened by the stress of a full-time position, I was able to relax. I dedicated time to my hobbies, took care of my health, engaged in new activities, met different people and gained some perspective. In the end, it was my choice that brought me to where I am today and for the first time in almost a decade, I can honestly say I understand what it means to be calm.

A State of Crisis

In a crisis state

Panic can overwhelm the crowd

Calming miracle

To hold emotions

Suppress your daunting fear

Or stand in its face

For every crisis

Shall hopefully come

But it leaves a trail

The Calm After the Storm

After the violent winds
After the stong rains
After the lighting and the thunder
Comes the calm after the storm

When the clouds open up
When the sun shines
When the rain stops and the winds are softer
Is the calm after the storm

But the damage is done
But the trees have been uprooted
But the houses are ruined
What’s the use of the calm after the storm

Because it is peaceful
Because it is serene
Because it is clear
Because it is the calm that can only come after a storm