Lily on the Lake


Ripples are forming
On the surface of the lake
Lily is floating

Flowing stream carries
Delicacy and beauty
How mesmerizing

Lily travels far
And reaches the other bank
A simple journey


Intro to Poetry – Day 1 (Water)


China Doll


Fragile china doll

A beauty on display

Nick her and she’ll break

Well put together

From afar, but full of cracks

Small and delicate


In Shades of Brown




Chocolate skin melting the hearts of men

Mocha mistress struts with a seductive grin

Sipping coffee every morning, but at night enjoys her gin

Hazel eyes peering into a luring den


Copper clasps twinkling in the early light

Brunette beauty leaves in expert stealth

Mahogany doors close, shutting in useless wealth

While cunning caramel queen wanders in plain sight


Miniature Writing Challenge #36

The Body in Painting

The human body, and particularly the female body, has been presented in art since ancient times. It represents beauty at its best, if done well. Nudity can be construed as vulgar or tasteless, and it some cases that is true. But the nude can also be a representation of liberty, sexuality and strength. The body is sensual and artistic, which is why it inspires great pieces of art. Throughout time it has been seen and interpreted in different ways. But if all one sees in the body is its flaws, that its true beauty can never be appreciated. (Some modern and contemporary pieces).

01JY-17people4tate1 CAPTIVE_(blue_nude)6x8x72