Ranting X (Summer Heat)

This post is literally about the heat wave we have today in Cairo. It is over 45 degrees Celsius and I feel faint. The weather is dry and dusty and I can barely breath. I can’t wait to go home. The day is ending soon, so is this week! I want to sleep in air conditioning, that is the only thing I need right this second. Two and a half more weeks and the year will be over. Summer Vacation!!

The weather is intolerable. You’d think I hadn’t lived here my whole life; I’m speaking as I have never witnessed summer in Cairo. But it’s getter worse. People have been celebrating since last night, after the results of the presidential elections were announced. I’m not optimistic. People think the new  president is our savior, but skeptical. I won’t believe the speeches and promises until I see actual results. For three and a half years people have been doing nothing but talking!

Anyway back to the weather. I would love a pool. Swimming is my favorite summer activity, which I get very little of. There’s nothing more refreshing than feeling the cool water against your  hot skin. Actually I would prefer the beach. The sea is far more beautiful than any pool.

I have to go though. I might discuss this topic more later, or not.

GOUNA 2013

Over spring break my sister, a few friends and I went to Gouna. For those of you who don’t know where that is, Gouna is like compound in Hurghada, Sinai.  It was an incredible and extremely relaxing trip, which we were all in desperate need of. I spent the majority of the trip with my sister, and mostly on the beach. I spent a lot of the tip tanning, writing or both. If you think that must’ve been boring you are truly mistaken. I didn’t feel like partying or experimenting with different activities, I just needed a break from my very busy, very hectic life and that’s exactly what I got. It felt great to be away from traffic for a few days; we usually walked everywhere. I also met a couple of friends while I was there, not surprisingly since half the people who go to college with me were there. Back to the beach, we were on the beach at every possible hour of the day from before sunrise to midnight.

??????????????????????????????? Pharaoh inspired boats ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? water under the bridge Yachts in the MarinaCigarette smoke on a moonlit night ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

 Can’t live without my morning coffee can't live without my morning coffee

Art is everywhere surrounded by art wherever I go

my sister next to an authentic Egyptian souvenir store

As the sun rises over the water

Pre-sunrisesunrise 1sunrise 2sunrise 3sunrise 4sunrise 5   my sister's attempt to hold the sun :)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Swings are for any age