A Special Birthday Gift for Someone Special – Caricatures on Stone.

Shafali's Caricatures, Portraits, and Cartoons

On his Birthday, I struggled to come up with the idea for a birthday gift. I started by listing the traditional gifting stuff.

  • DeO? Implies that he has BO, which he doesn’t; and he already has some sort of crazy musky spray that makes me wonder why men first bathe then spray themselves with something that makes them smell all sweaty.
  • Wallet? He’s got one already, and accept it or not, an empty gift wallet can stress a guy out, making his think how he can fill it up. As a Birthday gift, it doesn’t click.
  • Belt? So what might I be implying? Cinch it and tuck it in? It could’ve come in handy a couple of a years ago when he had kick-started his midriff expansion project, but he had quickly dropped it, and he is now fit and smart.
    Honestly, I tried coming up with something that would…

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The Body in Painting

The human body, and particularly the female body, has been presented in art since ancient times. It represents beauty at its best, if done well. Nudity can be construed as vulgar or tasteless, and it some cases that is true. But the nude can also be a representation of liberty, sexuality and strength. The body is sensual and artistic, which is why it inspires great pieces of art. Throughout time it has been seen and interpreted in different ways. But if all one sees in the body is its flaws, that its true beauty can never be appreciated. (Some modern and contemporary pieces).

01JY-17people4tate1 CAPTIVE_(blue_nude)6x8x72