Kendall Jenner Street Style

KJ 1 (shorts) KJ 2 (grey dress) KJ 3 (all white) KJ 4 KJ 5 (red hat) KJ 6 KJ 7 (airport) KJ 8 KJ 9 (printed pants) KJ 10 KJ 11 (all black)

Lebanon 2014

I spent a week in Lebanon with a friend of mine and I thought I should share some photos with you. 20140802_125633 20140802_125731 20140802_130154 20140802_142236 20140802_142418 20140802_142426 20140802_142440 20140802_142943 20140802_143346 20140802_144312 20140802_145327 20140802_145358 20140802_161900 20140802_162319 20140802_162608 20140802_162918 20140802_164751 20140803_143730 20140803_153416 20140803_153740 20140803_153817 20140803_162804 20140803_175103 20140803_181522 20140803_182748 20140804_130142 20140804_130514 DSC02628 DSC02632 DSC02678 DSC02685 DSC02689 DSC02726  DSC02758 DSC02766 DSC02785 DSC02799 DSC02805 DSC02810 DSC02816 DSC02830 DSC02913 DSC02949 DSC03018

Street Art

Morporc's Blog

one thing I hate about cities is tagging; it has no artistic appeal at all.. if you wish people to know your name through art try something more original than writing your name on a wall with a spray can. there are true graffiti artist and I have posted photos on this blog of some amazing work . I have found that Perth is a city that has the taggers under control, it is a custodial offence, so most of the graffiti is an asset to the city. this encourages street art .. always changing always new always interesting ….




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Emma Watson Fashion

There is no question that Emma Watson has become a style icon as she grew up. A fan of hers since the early days of Harry Potter, when she was merely nine, I was amazed at her transformation over the years. The once bushy haired little girl has now become an inspiration to many regarding fashion choices. Here are some of my favorite outfits from simple clothes for a normal school day to fabulous gowns for the red carpet.

Photos courtesy of Google 🙂

main.original.585x0 fbf42a2ce44d18859fb48feb163c6082 Emma 2495846a e42d9fec-53d1-4a48-aa9f-7752d1104f40 c982afc5d77a3b5bb32bad9680bfa9e7 a89f0c6867c3bf099097b7984a40506e 25079 1429104183-c9da19a900322981048d764b69337671-600x918 2015-NEW-WOMENS-CLOTHING-HIGH-FASHION-DESIGN-STYLE-CASUAL-SUMMER-WEAR-EMMA-WATSON-SLEEVELESS-LACE-DRESS 5ac7370a5f8697c3174e09f5b76993f8 3aff6a4f2ad0cfb63ccc32b04015e5d1 emma-watson-red-carpet-evolution-gallery-2011-60429 ??????????????????????????????? emma1 Emma_Watson_140513 5953f05b92ac9a72_emma-watson.xxxlarge_1 Emma Watson Harry Potter Last Premier1 evolution-emma-watson-red-carpet--large-msg-128988143591 emma-watson-visits-the-late-show-with-david-letterman emma-watson-mtv-movie-awards-2011 emma-watson-harry-potter-half-blood-hp6-premiere-ossie-clarke-dress ?????????????????????????? Emma+Watson+Dresses+Skirts+Cutout+Dress+FaHD5VgB7xnl Emma+Watson+Dresses+Skirts+Cocktail+Dress+8RbJ-NnyENml1e1261635232b13e15a7a925665613d36b926d0b717c4b84ce77ff28cd1560f126a298f705a2fac10b93d91493418645c549012a99adea873695b3aa05bfb394

Maniamania: Babylon

The Fashion Medley

maniamania6maniamania2maniamania4It’s like an alarm for me, alerting that seasons are changing and it’s that time of the year again – Maniamania time. I’ve realized that the most consistent I’ve ever been about my posts is the update about Maniamania’s new lookbooks, so it’s more like a tradition for me to make a post about the new collection.

As much as I love the styling and theme of the new lookbook starring Ruby Jean Wilson; I feel like they started repeating the designs – not that I don’t love the giant crystal necklaces and hand chains, I do – but this collection looks dangerously similar to what the previous Performance and The Modern Utopian collections would give birth to if only they could mate. They supported the magic vibe with owls, skulls, snakes and crystal balls; but if you take them out I feel a little disappointed, not being able to…

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