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one thing I hate about cities is tagging; it has no artistic appeal at all.. if you wish people to know your name through art try something more original than writing your name on a wall with a spray can. there are true graffiti artist and I have posted photos on this blog of some amazing work . I have found that Perth is a city that has the taggers under control, it is a custodial offence, so most of the graffiti is an asset to the city. this encourages street art .. always changing always new always interesting ….




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A Little London Street Art Catch Up: Part 3

Little London Observationist

And the last bit of the London street art catch up! Here’s parts oneand two in case you missed them.

Photo:EOIN by takphoto

Run, A Foot in The Door show, Cock N Bull Gallery, Shoredtich  - July 2013
Photo: Run, A Foot in The Door show, Cock N Bull Gallery, Shoreditch by D7606

Jana & Js
Photo:Jana & JS by takphoto

 Jim Vision and End of the line, Shoreditch - July 2013
Photo: Jim Vision and End of the line, Shoreditch by D7606

Painted walls
Photo:Painted walls by takphoto

The Church Of Best Ever, Old Street - June 2013
Photo:The Church of Best Ever on Old Street by D7606

Photo:Grimshaw by takphoto

Jana & JS
Photo: Jana & JS by Steve Birch

Thierry Noir, Peckham Rye - May 2013
Photo:Thierry Noir in Peckham Rye by D7606

Photo:Robot Charging Station by iCon by takphoto

Osch, Otto Schade, Brick Lane - May 2013
Photo:Osch by D7606

W 11
Photo:W11 by takphoto

Paul Insect
Photo:Paul Insect by Alex Ellison

Photo:My Dog Sighs by takphoto

Paul Insect & Sweet Toof
Photo:Paul Insect and Sweet Toof by Alex Ellison

Photo:C215 by takphoto

Roa / Kid Acne / Cityzen Kane

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Meeting ROA

Little London Observationist

With a tip off from the fabulous Cityzen Kane (who I was with last weekend scoping out a top secret project that I’ll write about soon), I found out ROA was in town! It’s no secret now as his latest wall was finished this week, but it was a pleasure to be able to watch him in action and see it all start to come together without the crowds.

Cityzen Kane told me the approximate area where he was painting and gave me the mobile number of Ijam who was making on a stop motion film of ROA at work. Eventually I found them at the end of Voss Street between Derbyshire Street and Bethnal Green Road. I’ll post a few of the photos I took which weren’t great since it’s such a gigantic wall and this was a spur of the moment thing so I didn’t have the right…

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Pictures in a Tunnel

London Grafitti

Little London Observationist

The strong scent of spray paint settled around us like a cloud in the Leake Street tunnel last weekend. We went down to check out the event Writers-Pictures In A Tunnel. I’d been down there loads of times with my camera including way back when the Cans festivals were happening and just at random on my way to Scootercaffe like here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here, for example…

Here’s a YouTube video from one of the organizers.
(You can see me in my red coat around 1.02 taking a photo of a spray painted piece of rope tied around a fence…)

And, of course, some photos from such a visual event.

Graffiti Puddle

Double Decker Approach

Blue Face

Down Low

Rainbow Wall

Little People


Isn't he cute?

Fly on the Wall

Silver Streaks


From a Plan

Health and Safety Graffiti Style


Artist In Shadow

Neon Green Tag

I absolutely love seeing street artists and graffiti artists at work. It fascinated me to no end. In fact, I’ve got an interview with one of these guys for…

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A Guide to London’s Street Art Scene

London Grafitti

Little London Observationist

I originally wrote this post about street artists for Town Fish, but I thought share it with you guys and add in a few more details that wouldn’t fit in a limited word count, plus more photos, of course.

Anyway, as you likely have realized by now, the once-underground phenomenon that is street art has gone mainstream. Walk into any design bookshop and you can pick up a guide to the latest artists to make their mark on London’s canvas walls. Take a stroll down Brick Lane, through Hackney, Shoreditch, Dalston and all around the East End and you’re bound to bump into a street art tour. And then there’s all of this Banksy auction business going on lately.

Temporary Pointless Sign - Mobstr
Photo:Random street art tour by LLO

So, what do you need to know? Who to watch? There are many more but here’s a handful of artists who regularly…

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