7 Tips for Travel to Bali

Bali tips

  1. Haggling: whenever an official price tag isn’t available on a product, you can guarantee that you will need to haggle your way to a better price. The Balinese over-price all their products and services, so its best to renegotiate to get the best price. PS: it can be rather tedious.
  2. Transportation: unless you know how to ride a motorcycle, cars are the only practical way of navigating through Bali. PS: the streets are narrow and get very crowded especially in the afternoon.
  3. People: the Balinese people are friendly, kind and helpful. They greet visitors with a smile, especially when providing a service. The majority are deeply religious Hindus, very few Muslims, Christians and people of other religions can be found.
  4. Language: while knowing English is sufficient to communicate in Bali, don’t expect the locals to understand a large portion of what you’re saying. Use basic sentence structure and the simplest words for the best results. Ex: too much money, instead of expensive. Understanding their pronunciation of the English language is another challenge all together,  for there are several letters that either don’t exist in Indonesian or are simply mispronounced. Ex: Lun means Lunch, Epy means Every.
  5. Weather: I visited Bali in August, knowing that is during the dry season but expecting severe humidity. While the weather is humid and rather warm, it isn’t intolerable. There is a light breeze in the morning and at night, but sunnier during the day. Bearing in mind that I come from a particularly hot country, so I’m more adapted to warmer climates.
  6. Prices: food, clothes and souvenirs are cheap, especially when you talk your way to a better price. Tours, on the other hand, are not. Depending on the length of the tour, prices start from $40 – $100+. This price doesn’t include entrance tickets, food or some activities, it generally only covers transportation i.e. a driver and an air-conditioned vehicle.
  7. Insects: I was advised to pack bug repellent, since tropical areas like Bali are known to be rampant with insects, especially mosquitoes. However I haven’t needed to use it once. The country is very clean, and I only encountered a few mosquitoes in the coffee plantation.

Personal Style

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

I would say that my personal style is Stylish Casual. I generally wear practical, comfortable clothes, but know how to accessorize them so they wouldn’t seem plain. I rarely discriminate when it comes to clothes; I mix and match and try almost everything. I know what works for my body (I’m petite and pale).

Style Breakdown:

At Versailles

At Versailles

Clothes: Pants more than anything else, they’re the easiest to style in my opinion. Tops in light fabrics (I live in a very warm climate). In the winter, however, I lean towards leggings and over-sized sweaters. Dresses and skirts area worn less often, and I only wear shorts when traveling to certain areas.

Shoes: Flats (ballerina, sandals, oxfords, boots). When I do wear heels, they’re usually wedges. I would never stilettos unless I have a formal occasion like a wedding or my graduation.

Handbags: Satchels more than anything else, but I would wear cross-body bags only if they’re very small.

Accessories: Rings (I only wear real silver rings,  and I wear 2 -5 at a time. They are my most important accessory). Earrings (they vary between large and medium, I rarely wear studs). Necklaces (long chains or statement pieces, I rarely wear small delicate chains). Scarves (my favorite winter accessory, they really bring the outfit together). Hats and beanies (when I’m in the mood).

In Beirut

In Beirut

Hair: Au natural, braids or buns. I have medium-length black hair with natural curls.  I either leave it as it is (doesn’t always work in my favor), or I braid it (1 – 8 braids), or I just tie it in a messy bun (that’s when I really couldn’t be bothered). I only get a blow-out on special occasions.


All Black

A color that works for all seasons and any occasion.

black maxi dress + chloe bag

Whole Summer is still here and we are sweating out asses off, I am already looking for Fall/Winter styles and trends. I’m not writing about a trend or style today, but about a color which it not a color at all.

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