Lily on the Lake


Ripples are forming
On the surface of the lake
Lily is floating

Flowing stream carries
Delicacy and beauty
How mesmerizing

Lily travels far
And reaches the other bank
A simple journey


Intro to Poetry – Day 1 (Water)


China Doll


Fragile china doll

A beauty on display

Nick her and she’ll break

Well put together

From afar, but full of cracks

Small and delicate


Intoxicating Scent

Is the scent which surrounds me
What a desire

Need beyond control
From such a mysterious source
So captivating

The utter strangeness
Of this overwhelming feel
Captures from within

Lurking Demon


The mighty demon

Lurks silently in the dark

In mysterious wait

The victim suspects?

No. Demon sneaks through the cracks

Envelopes the soul

The victim crumbles

Unaware of deadly force

A demon was here