Natural Light


She emits warm light

Embracing the world from on top

The source of all life

Great is her power

As she rises above each day

Beauty in yellow

A scorching anger

Can burn all those below

Such furious heat

A loving fire

Desired by all beings

Feared when merciless

Miniature Writing Challenge #46

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

The Fallen Flag

Defeated at last

A fallen dishonored flag

Natives take the land

Foreign rulers leave

While dragging their flag in shame

Their ships take them home

Allies are honored

As civilizations merge

Different is one

Peace erased the past

Foreign and native combined

They create a whole

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

Lily on the Lake


Ripples are forming
On the surface of the lake
Lily is floating

Flowing stream carries
Delicacy and beauty
How mesmerizing

Lily travels far
And reaches the other bank
A simple journey


Intro to Poetry – Day 1 (Water)