How did I get here?

You wonder

What day is it?

You ask

Did this happen yesterday or last week?

You question

To whom did I speak an hour ago?

You try to recall


All your days look the same

They all feel the same

A monotonous blur




You change your outfits every day

You apply your makeup in the same way

You take the same route

You make the same small talk with the same people

You aren’t listening to them

Nor are they to you


You stopped caring

Why should you?

Your hands are keeping their grasp on reality

Your mind wandered away long ago

What will happen if your hands slip?

Will you fall?

Or just float, bobbing like a buoy on the surface of the sea?


You search for the light

You crave the hope

You pray for tomorrow

Because you’ve given up on today

And lost faith in the lessons of yesterday


You walk without the aid of your consciousness

You talk without assistance from your mind

You live without the attachment to your body

You exist in a vacuum

Your body functions of its own accord

It senses and reacts


You feel nothing

You exist within

You are detached

You are disconnected

You are alone

You fear tomorrow and despise today

You wish for a change

You wish to feel again




The uncertainty is punishing

Impossible to bear

Living in limbo

Your hair about to tear


Anxious about tomorrow

What it will bring?

Will it float you ahead?

Or lead you to sink


Irritating stagnation

Putting you on edge

Between you and your patience

Driving a wedge


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