Her Anger

Her anger comes from a place of sadness

It hurts when she smiles and it slays her kindness

Her tears turn to steam when they touch her cheek

It’s when her fury reaches its peak

She wants to tell them all her pain

But her confession will surely ruin the game

No one will listen to the screams of a little girl

So why would they care about a woman’s nerves when they twirl

They lie to her face as they lie to themselves

She lies as well, but in her anger she dwells

Lost in an unforgiving world

She pretends, but in bed she’s curled

Unsure and broken most days

The pressure fuels her craze

A strong woman, it’s undeniable

Still vulnerable no matter how reliable

Seen as a force by some

By others a nuisance, a joy by none

On the verge of tears

Bottling up her fears

She absorbs every stab

Every word, slur and jab

Uncertain that a bright tomorrow will ever come

She takes a pause before she sprints to a run




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