Irrational Fear

An irrational fear that won’t go away

You seek comfort from its wrath in another’s arms
But the all-comsuming fear still finds its way

It takes hold of your body, trembling your bones
It infects your soul wringing your insides with might
Poisoning your thoughts in its perilous tones

No person but you can extinguish its flames
Because no one will understand the extent of its strength
The force that has taken over your days

You harm yourself and deny it pleasures
To feed its growing pride you must kneel before it
You bow down and allow it to threaten you in every measure

No want, no desire, no wish can escape
Its mighty hands shall claw their way in search of them
And they will soon crumble into an indistinguishable shape

It doesn’t allow you to hold them close
The ones you love, the ones you need
They’re pushed away by its endless blows

With age it further finds its footing
Worming its way to all that you hold dear
Aiming in the clear, it mercilessly starts shooting

Raw are your insides after every battle
Innocent casualties are wounded in the process
Fraying your nerves that are constantly rattled 

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