The Most Valuable Commodity


Tick tock goes the clock
Indicating the passing of time
Fearful or hopeful?
The highest value
No good can even compare
Can never be sold
Useless to the dead
But daunting to those who live
Threaded memories
Joy can spend it well
Sadness wastes it every day
Infinite it isn't

Miniature Writing Challenge #54

Confused Little Girl

The confused little girl woke up this morning again

Wondering when her life will begin

Agitated and scared, a tantrum she threw

Lashing out at everyone she knew

Unable to comprehend they called her spoiled

Causing her fury to further boil

As reality crushed her down to the bone

It turned a muscle into cold hard stone

Bleak became the future through her eyes

And unnerving was her slow demise

Many tried to help piece her back together

But she believed that hope was lost forever

So sad was the reality she couldn’t bear

And so real was the sadness she couldn’t share