Chocolate Paradise


Covering biscuits
Covering fruits
Covering none
It still suits

Heavenly delicacy
Decorated elegantly
Beautifully done
Melting gently

Cascading fountain
Molten mountain
Morning bun
Exquisitely rounded

Edible sensation
Godly creation
Eliciting fun
Through the smallest ration


Intro to Poetry – Day 7 (Flavor)


The Screen

Working outdoors. Beautiful young woman in funky hat working on laptop and smiling while sitting outdoors

This device has been a staple in my life for years, but

it has now become an addiction I’m beginning to fear.

It starts with checking my email in the morning, then

before long I’m streaming and chatting and blogging.

I’m called by my friends and family and peers, however,

all their calls are nulled by the screen, and I’ve disappeared

 I’m transfixed by its beckoning light and imaged worlds, and

have lost interest in the reality around.

It offers entertainment, virtual experiences and information, but

lacks the intimacy of human interaction.

An appealing contraption of attractive power has

locked its subjects in an inescapable tower.

Connected to every country from a comfortable seat, but

lacking the experience. What a cheat!

I sit here behind a screen to write this poem, isn’t this

the most ironic statement you have ever known?


Intro to Poetry – Day 6 (Screen)