The Foreign Island

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt “Mad Libs”


Out of place in a home that is my own

Out of touch in a world where I should belong

Out of breath from running after a mirage

Out in a little island, foreign to all but me

Minuscule yet has an abundance of joy

Petite yet visible in an ocean of sorrow

Tiny yet full of will and courage

Small yet dripping with unharnessed potential

 Its little heart beats loudly

Its blood runs deep

It aches from constant cruelty

 But its soul it is destined to keep

A foreign island all alone

A little island standing tall

An unnoticeable island  to those who can’t know

A peaceful island with dangerous waters below

Miniature Writing Challenge #31

Miniature Writing Challenge #31

(Tuesday 23rd February – Monday 29th February)


Today’s challenge is titled “The Foreigner”. Whether you’re an expat, a native who has worked/befriended foreigners or simply feel like you don’t belong to your surroundings, the state of being dissimilar will always elicit particular emotions within you and reaction from the people around you. Write a short story, poem or haiku about this topic.

Challenge Rules