Twinkle in a Jar


Twinkle fairy in a jar

Shines at night like a star

In a sapphire dress

And sunset-colored hair to impress

Poisonous danger from the unknown

Threatens to kill every plant or creature that has shown

As they fall one by one

She stands alone and tries to undo what has been done

A rare blue flower contains the antidote

Where to find it she knows not

Twinkle searches high and low

But her search is too slow

Plants and fairies both die alike

She’s trying to save them with all her might

But the land is large and the search is long

And she is tiny and not very strong

Three days have gone, but nothing still

Until she meets the wise frog that restores her will

He tells her where the flower is found

“In the lake,” he says. “Around and around”

Perplexed by the riddle, her head began to twirl

Nonetheless she flew ahead, until she saw the water whirl

Around and around, said the frog

And so she dove, knowing she wasn’t wrong

Beyond the whirl pool

The blue flower shines in a water so cool

She struggle through the chilly water beneath

To retrieve the ingredient that would save every fairy and every leaf

Once the antidote was successfully brewed

She mixes it with droplets of dew

The final touch before she fills her spray can

And flies away as fast as she can

In the night the land was sprayed

Washing all the poison away

The plants and fairies lived again

But never knew how they were saved, why or when

After days of endless travel

Twinkle returned to her jar and was relieved forever

She had protected the land once and for all

Yet no one but the frog knew of this tale so tall

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