On Keeping Resolutions

In response to the Daily Post’s prompt “Resolved”

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Well that would really depend on the resolution. My method for making resolutions is to vary them; from the ones I know would to achievable to more challenging aspirations. While some “aspirations” would be considered highly achievable goals, they appear on my list of resolutions every single year. For example: exercise and healthier eating. Even though I occasionally attempt to have a healthier lifestyle by being more active and eating more nutritious foods, I’ve never truly committed to that resolution; fingers crossed, hopefully this would be my year.

As for the resolutions I have kept, they are usually along the lines of  changing an electronic device (ie. phone or laptop) that desperately needed changing and reading a particular list of books that I set at the beginning of the year – the list usually changes during the year, but the goal remains the same.

Otherwise my resolutions include things which I have no control over, such as applications of all sorts (college, job, travel visa). So in these cases, whether or not I follow through with my resolution isn’t entirely up to me. This can be quite upsetting though, especially when I do my part and the situation doesn’t end up in my favor. In all cases, whatever the out come may be, I will continue to have a list of resolutions at the start of each year. 🙂

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