Personal Style

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

I would say that my personal style is Stylish Casual. I generally wear practical, comfortable clothes, but know how to accessorize them so they wouldn’t seem plain. I rarely discriminate when it comes to clothes; I mix and match and try almost everything. I know what works for my body (I’m petite and pale).

Style Breakdown:

At Versailles

At Versailles

Clothes: Pants more than anything else, they’re the easiest to style in my opinion. Tops in light fabrics (I live in a very warm climate). In the winter, however, I lean towards leggings and over-sized sweaters. Dresses and skirts area worn less often, and I only wear shorts when traveling to certain areas.

Shoes: Flats (ballerina, sandals, oxfords, boots). When I do wear heels, they’re usually wedges. I would never stilettos unless I have a formal occasion like a wedding or my graduation.

Handbags: Satchels more than anything else, but I would wear cross-body bags only if they’re very small.

Accessories: Rings (I only wear real silver rings,  and I wear 2 -5 at a time. They are my most important accessory). Earrings (they vary between large and medium, I rarely wear studs). Necklaces (long chains or statement pieces, I rarely wear small delicate chains). Scarves (my favorite winter accessory, they really bring the outfit together). Hats and beanies (when I’m in the mood).

In Beirut

In Beirut

Hair: Au natural, braids or buns. I have medium-length black hair with natural curls.  I either leave it as it is (doesn’t always work in my favor), or I braid it (1 – 8 braids), or I just tie it in a messy bun (that’s when I really couldn’t be bothered). I only get a blow-out on special occasions.


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