Three Wishes

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lucky Star.”

  1. Comments from viewers, particularly on my creative pieces, I would really appreciate the feedback.
  2. Guest bloggers, because I’d like my blog to be a little more diverse and accessed by more viewers.
  3. Followers. Like any other blogger, I would love more followers.


Human Kindness

There will always be goodness in the world if you start by doing it yourself…

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

Why is there hate in the world, what motivates someone to harm another human being. What motivates a person to show Hatred towards their fellow man, I guess it’s a differance of opinion. Is it? I mean let’s make it simple, what has it got to do with me what, or who someone decides to worship. What has it got to do with me if someone decides to live in a certain way.? How does it affect me? It’s doesn’t does it? What matters is what we do for others, how we are with other people. Isn’t it better to concentrate on us and make sure we are doing things that we believe in as opposed to worrying about what others are doing. Isn’t life about example. About making the first move ourselves as opposed to wanting life to change, and others to change.

I personally love to think that…

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City Life

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

City Life

I am generally inspired by urban settings. Having been raised in a large metropolitan area, where I still live up until today, the pace and rhythm of this type of life continues to inspire me. I draw from the noise, kaleidoscopic colors and infinite movement of the metropolis to build up my stories and develop my characters. I find such a setting extremely exhilarating, exciting and so full of life. How can anyone not get inspired by that?