Free is the New Crazy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “______ is the new ______.”

How wrong is to want to just be

Or is it truly “to be or not to be”

Is it insane to desire to be free

Or is free truly the new crazy

Every being wants to run without facing any boundaries

Every soul hopes to wander the world without restrictions

But it is the mad that are really free

Because the sane believe that being free is the same as being crazy

For that, I wish to be mad

I wish to be insane

I wish to be crazy

That way I can be free

3 thoughts on “Free is the New Crazy

  1. Love Love Love this! Too often I hear people being themselves as being crazy. It is definitely time for people to accept others, but I understand that it may be difficult for some. But I rather be seen as crazy to most and have a few people that care about me than be accepted myself and not even know who I am. This post was great. Thank you for sharing that.

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