I Never Want to Grow Up

Growing up is an inevitable part of life. People spend most of their lives as adults. You worry about providing for yourself and then for a family and then you grow old and look back at the years that passed. The question is how will they look like? Is it a life of success or love or joy or misery or regret?

This year I graduated from college and took my first step towards adulthood. I started my first real job, teaching kindergarten. Granted I won’t make a career out of it, but it is a job. I’m surrounded by adults, who talk about their husbands (all my colleagues are women) and their children and their duties. All the while I’m thinking I’m too young for this kind of conversation.

I’ve been worrying about my future for the past four years. I spent hours upon hours stressing about what I should be doing after graduation, time I could’ve spent enjoying every second I had in college. They were the best years of my life, and I would do anything to bring them back. I miss cramming for exams and staying up all night to work on papers and projects. I miss having my friends by my side all day every day. Now when I walk on campus I feel like a stranger, in a place that used to be like a second home to me. As much as I criticized it, I loved it.

Now as this year comes to an end and after being a college graduate for six months, I’m saying I don’t want to grow up. I want to be young for one more day. I don’t want responsibility or worry. I want independence and freedom (which you acquire more of when you’re older, supposedly). But to be young as long as possible is a dream I would like to pursue. Because it’s not about age, if you’re young at heart, you’ll remain young forever. Embrace youth, enjoy it and love it while it lasts.

Song Choice: We Are Young, Young Forever  

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