Winter is Coming

Excuse me for using a quote from Game of Thrones; even though this entry has nothing to do with it, however the quote seemed appropriate. I’ve always been a person who hates the cold. I couldn’t wait until winter was over to shed the heavy layers of clothing in the spring and enjoy the bright warm sun of summer. I even wrote a blog entry expressing my great dislike of the winter season (  But this year for the first time in my life I’m wishing for winter (hope I don’t regret that statement later on).

Reasons why:

  • December is starting tomorrow, and for those of you living in Cairo you’ll notice that the temperature is still as high as 30°C during the day. That’s just irrational; it’s starting snowing in some countries and we’re still wearing t-shirts! (This comment does not apply to countries in the southern hemisphere or around the equator).
  • 9-10 months of summer is more than anyone can bear, no matter how much you like warm weather.
  • I’m dying to wear my new winter clothes (superficial I know).
  • It’s time for the clouds to take their place in front of the blazing sun, and for the cool winds to blow the leaves off the trees.
  • The distinctive line which existed between the seasons of the year has disappeared. Something that has become upsetting and unsettling for me.


Bear in mind two things: first, I’ve never actually seen snow in my life; second, I’m talking about an Egyptian winter not a real one. 🙂

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