Maniamania: Babylon

The Fashion Medley

maniamania6maniamania2maniamania4It’s like an alarm for me, alerting that seasons are changing and it’s that time of the year again – Maniamania time. I’ve realized that the most consistent I’ve ever been about my posts is the update about Maniamania’s new lookbooks, so it’s more like a tradition for me to make a post about the new collection.

As much as I love the styling and theme of the new lookbook starring Ruby Jean Wilson; I feel like they started repeating the designs – not that I don’t love the giant crystal necklaces and hand chains, I do – but this collection looks dangerously similar to what the previous Performance and The Modern Utopian collections would give birth to if only they could mate. They supported the magic vibe with owls, skulls, snakes and crystal balls; but if you take them out I feel a little disappointed, not being able to…

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