Ranting VIII

I had the best last day of classes yesterday. We had a small party during my writing class, where we each read something from our work and then took pictures; best farewell ever. Our professor actually cried, because the class was ending. Honestly that was the best class I’ve ever taken over the past four years! My last class as an undergraduate student was Law & Development. The class itself was boring, but we got to say goodbye to each other and to our professor, whose moving to Australia.

Today I’m submitting my Art portfolio. I lost the painting I was working on this morning, on the street. I’m not torn up about it, but still it sucks. I’m supposed to be working on my political science take-home final right now, but I honestly don’t feel like it. So as usual I’m doing this instead.

It felt incredible to hold a hard-copy of my manuscript in my hand, yesterday. This inexplicable sense of accomplishment came over me. I was so proud of myself. I couldn’t believe that in less than four months, I managed to write and edit 55 pages (single-spaced). I’m hoping to finish that story. I might post bits and pieces of it. Anyway that’s all for now, because I really need to work.

Countdown: 2 down, 2 to go

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