Ranting VII

Only one more week until I’m done. I finished my first final on Sunday, thankfully it wasn’t bad. I had fun studying for it with my friend, while IMing another friend. You’d think it would be distracting, but honestly it was the only way I could’ve actually made it through the material. International Law and Development is one of the most boring subjects I’ve ever had to endure, and believe me I’ve taken a few shitty classes over the years.

For this week I have to write a response paper on Foucault (Due Thursday), a two part take-home exam on several theorists (Due next Wednesday, God help me), finalize my art portfolio and edit 55 pages for my writing project. I really need to plan the next couple of days perfectly, so I can get everything done on time and well, hopefully. Anyway that’s all for now, cause I have to start working.

Countdown: 1 down, 3 to go

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