Ranting VI

Good morning all. Finals are coming up and I am truly overwhelmed. This is my last semester ever, graduation is in a month and I really need to get my act together. I went to campus to study yesterday and ended up spending the day with my friend at the dorms. We watched movies, chatted and made jokes all day. One of the reasons we didn’t study was because there was a power-out every other hour, so the internet was really working much. There were plumbing problems at the dorms which were also a huge distraction. But most importantly we just didn’t want to work.

Now let me tell you about the catastrophic work-load I have for the next two weeks. I have two 1,000 word papers for tomorrow, neither of which I’ve started, and one for next week. Individually a thousand word paper is not a lot but three of them are. I have a comprehensive final on Sunday, which I haven’t started studying for and a take-home final that I know nothing about. I need to edit 55 pages single-spaced for my final writing project, which I’ve been working on all semester, and an art project. So I’m totally fucked!

Did I mention that our graduation photos are the day after tomorrow, so in the middle of all this I have to worry about looking pretty! The timing at this university is appalling, honestly. I wasn’t bad enough that spring break ended a week before finals, no, now we have to worry about trivial issues in the middle of finals week. I’m excited about the photos and everything, but they couldn’t have chosen a worse time if they tried.

Anyway that’s all for today; no more sleep till graduation but what are we going to do. C’est la vie!

Time to work on my paper; topic: Herbert Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man.