Pictures in a Tunnel

London Grafitti

Little London Observationist

The strong scent of spray paint settled around us like a cloud in the Leake Street tunnel last weekend. We went down to check out the event Writers-Pictures In A Tunnel. I’d been down there loads of times with my camera including way back when the Cans festivals were happening and just at random on my way to Scootercaffe like here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here, for example…

Here’s a YouTube video from one of the organizers.
(You can see me in my red coat around 1.02 taking a photo of a spray painted piece of rope tied around a fence…)

And, of course, some photos from such a visual event.

Graffiti Puddle

Double Decker Approach

Blue Face

Down Low

Rainbow Wall

Little People


Isn't he cute?

Fly on the Wall

Silver Streaks


From a Plan

Health and Safety Graffiti Style


Artist In Shadow

Neon Green Tag

I absolutely love seeing street artists and graffiti artists at work. It fascinated me to no end. In fact, I’ve got an interview with one of these guys for…

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