London Street Art Catch Up: Part 1

London Graffiti

Little London Observationist

Some brand new and some have been around a while, these are a few of the shots that have been added to the LLO Flickr pool recently from our street art photographers.

 Horse & Groom
Photo:Otto Schade by Takphoto

Photo: Nathan Bowen by Takphoto

Irony, Stockwell - April 2013
Photo:Irony in Stockwell by D7606

Photo:A moustache for Movember by Jan Rockar

Irony and friends
Photo: Irony & friends, a work in progress by Takphoto

Irony and friends
Photo: Irony & friends, a work in progress by Takphoto

Nathan Bowen, Hanbury Street, Brick Lane - April 2013
Photo:Nathan Bowen, Hanbury Street by D7606

Pedly St
Photo:Pedley Street by Takphoto

Street Art, London
Photo:Otto Schade by Where The Art Is

Photo:Dale Grimshaw by Takphoto

LiskBot and Obit, Heygate Estate, Southward, South London - April 2013
Photo: Liskbot & Obit on the Heygate Estate by D7606

Photo:Rowdy in South London by Alex Ellison

Photo:Run by Takphoto

Gee Street Art, What If Gallery, Dartford - April 2013
Photo:Gee in Dartford by D7606

ALICE – White Church Lane
Photo:Alice Pasquini on White Church Lane by

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