For Twitter, it’s about creating an effective Discover tab — for #Music

That sounds awesome and quite practical, if it actually works properly!


For Twitter, crafting the perfect Discover tab that immediately surfaces relevant content for users has always been a struggle. And with the launch of the company’s new music app on Thursday, it has become more pressing than ever for the company to solve its discovery challenge.

If Twitter succeeds in building a smart music discovery tool with the #Music app — one that tells me what to listen to based on my past listening data and personal suggestions — it could define social music discovery for the mobile user in a way no one else really has. And that would open up a whole new source of revenue for the company.

twitter music now playingBut these are still really big if’s.

Twitter #Music is a social discovery filter laid on top of paid internet radio. You can log into Twitter Music on either iOS(s appl) or through a desktop browser, and you’re immediately greeted…

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