Dilemma 31 (Gambling)

She was never one of those people who were good at pretty much anything they do, nor did she ever claim that she could do anything and everything. However she was good at what she did and what she was passionate about. Some people called her a workaholic, other say that she’s a lazy slob. She believes that she is neither. She is proud when people refer to her as a workaholic, because her job is the most important thing in her life; closely after come her friends. But she was not certain of who she really is or where her life was headed.

She believed that all of life is a game of luck, in other words a gamble, and that people can only play the cards they were given. She hated gambling. There were things in a person’s life that, even though they are based on luck, should be looked at strategically; more specifically relationships and work. She didn’t mind taking calculated risks, but she wasn’t willing gamble her emotions and certainly not her future.

In both cases she believed that when an opportunity presents itself you should always take it, or else one might regret not taking it. Relationships are based on trial and error, no one ever gets them right the first time. That is in addition to timing, timing is crucial in relationships. It’s a long and sometimes painful road, which is supposed to be worth it. She has never been in a serious relationship, so she was a poor judge when it came to such matters.

Work on the other hand it slightly different because it is based on skill as well as sheer luck. She didn’t like relaying on luck and chance. She liked to plan and know what her next step will be; however the road to success is even longer and more painful and not always rewarding, because not many people reach the end of that road. Combining the two is almost every person’s dream, but that is only a dream. She believed that no one can be 100% happy in their long-term relationship as well as maintain a successful career; one will come at the expense of the other at one point in time. She knew that there were people, who managed to balance both their careers and their relationships, but it doesn’t last; even if it does there will always be obstacles along the road and the end will always be different from expected. All of that she understood too well, however the question remains does one sacrifice one for the other? Or does one relay on luck? Or is a balance achievable or even possible?

All these questions floated around in her head as she lay in bed, unable to sleep. It was hard to sleep, when one doesn’t know where they’re going. The mystery of the future often terrifies her, because it doesn’t leave any traces or clues behind. It just leaves you wondering what will come next.


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